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--TEMPORADA 9-- - Temporary Rise of juveniles Possibility of juveniles to the first team, temporarily, to play some games. The idea is to offer the possibility to manager can apply the junior team to a party, where necessary, due to an injury, or a penalty. These are the characteristics associated with this new option: 1. As can ride a limited number of juveniles at a time (2) 2. The same youth, can only jump a certain number of times in a season (2) 3. - The rise, only lasts a few days (3) and then the player will automatically lower the youth team. 4. If while in the senior team plays, he shall have an extra motivation (150%). 5. The player at all times occupy junior Square. 6. While the player is on the senior team, train as well as seniors, and may not be clauses, assigned, or transferred. - Improving schools formula that generates the players in schools will be improved, will try not to leave such good players so often in poor schools. The quality of youth come out now go more tied to the quality of the school and country. Be given a period of time (30 days) in which to close a school construction money will be refunded, that ye may be able to adjust to this change. - Media players the exact average (in decimal) of a player is made public. It will play in his record, and also in the template screen. So you can see how much longer a player up 1 point average. - Access record player was able to see the record of a player while playing a game. Can be anything but his stats. You can bid on it, file it, renew it, everything to do with players who are not playing. - Promotion and relegation to division Changed the process of promotion / relegation. Teams that amount may be promoted to any group of upper division. Same with the descended, that can go to any of the groups there under. This is to compensate for the difficulty of some groups, some were much stronger than others. Regarding the new simulator: As I have said before, things are going well. Our idea is to start early test it 9. When ready season, we will open a new Striker, parallel, and totally independent, for testing. For now give you 500 invitations to some of you may be able to enter. As conducting tests go, maybe give input to more people. Among these 500 will secure all users of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (we need the advice of experts about the game) ands. The rest will distribute among the users that we believe can help us to discover errors in the simulator.