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4-- --TEMPORADA YOUTH GAMES - From now on juveniles will also play matches. - The youth league teams will parallel the official league matches will be played during the same dates, at the same time and with the same opponents that league. - The junior games will only result in goals, we will not see or valuations or summaries in text mode or viewing or statistics. - A new button "youth team" where we can see the results of our youth display shows classification and results. - In the alignment screen you can prepare the alignment of juveniles, are not allowed customized tactics. - The classification has no effect in terms of climbs and descents, the youth team will always go where the senior team. - Juveniles do not play cup or friendly matches or private leagues. TRAINING - In the training level of a player now also affect the position where the player has played in the last game of the team (separated by seniors and youth). - In every game they play the team the player is assigned a% of training we call "motivation". If the motivation is 100% the player train the same who trained so far every day. If the motivation is lower, will train less. - Motivation indicates how absorb the training that player, a player trains motivated than other less motivated. - A player who plays a game on his good position holder will be much more motivated than a substitute. - You can plan training at any time of day, as it is before the nightly process. - Motivation changes in every game played by the team if the team does not play a day motivation remains unchanged and the previous day. - Motivation is determined from the position: • if a player plays in their natural position obtained 100% motivation. • if a player plays, but not in its natural position, gets a% of motivation varies if you play in a position similar to yours. • If a player is deputy gets 50%. • If a player is not convened get a 0%. • if the team wins the% increases by 5%. - A player with 100% trained the same as before. - A player with 105% trained a bit more than what was training so far. - A player with 0% trains half of what he trained so far. - While the team did not play another game this% is unchanged. League, friendly, drink and private league: - all parties are taken into account. - You can plan training at any time of day, as it is before the nightly process. ENERGY - Increased energy consumed by playing a game. - Now the night rest not recover 100% of the energy lost in the game but something less. - If players play many games in a row will accumulate fatigue and performance in matches will go down. - You have to make rotations to keep players at a good energy level. Statistics - Statistics from the players divided by competition, we now have 4 types of statistics: league, friendly, drink and private league. - In the statistics screen only taken into account statistics league. - In the list of players can view statistics for all competitions. ASSIGNMENTS - Yielding means "leave" your player to another team until end of season. - You can give any team in your division or two divisions below. - You can assign a higher divisions or 3 or more divisions below. - It may give seniors and youth players. - It may assign at any time of the season. The assignment will last the remainder of the current season and the player returns to finish it. - You can not cancel transfers in progress by either team. If resetting the computer receiving the transfer, the player will return immediately to its owner. If the reset is the team that gives the player remains on the computer that receives the assignment and is free to end the season. - You can assign up to 4 players to other teams. You can receive up to 2 transfers from other teams. - Can not assign more than 1 player on the same team. - The record of the assigned player is paid by the team receiving the assignment. - If you have transferred to other computers you could not buy more players and finish the season having 27 players on the roster. - You can borrow money for giving or receiving an assignment. - You can not impose conditions on the type games played, training type or the like. - Only assignments may be made during the first round of the league. - Players last year are not assignable. - The loan players do not become promotable (until they return to their original equipment). - You can not do any operation with the assigned players nor clausulazo, or renew or relist ... NUMBER ALTERNATE From next season, we will need longer templates to meet all parties. We are still working on the exact numbers, but we estimate that approximately 16/18 players will be the minimum to cope with guarantees a full season (league + cup + private league). This change will take place increasing the energy lost players after the games and reducing what they earn every night. Thus, it is impossible for a player to play 7 games a week and all of them is at its maximum average. Need to do rotations to rest 1 or 2 games that player for your energy levels recover. Please remember that a low power, makes the player fall below average and lower yields in games. There will therefore be advisable to have a staff of 12 or 13 players. Hand in hand with this change comes the possibility of convening a 7 players instead of 4. It has expanded the number of alternates 7. PACK MANAGER - We launch a new product which will enjoy many upgrades for a fixed price and for a certain time. - This product is called Pack Manager and can be purchased at the purchase screen (yellow button pack manager in the home screen). - There are three versions of this product with different prices and durations: 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. - For a very affordable price you can automate your computer when you go on vacation. - The advantages achieved by hiring the Pack Manager are: • More space in the portfolio (up to 300 players) • See much more data on the screen portfolio, similar to the template screen • All unlocked t • Possibility of unlimited nicknames his players • Rename the stadium many times as desired • Enable viewing parties always available • Notepad • plead fan or fan of a team, which creates a direct link to that equipment in your user profile • Press releases will be used to publish the weekly newspaper Striker News (see below) • View the latest improvement in average by training staff for all computers display • Automatic training tool always enabled • Automatic Tool junior training I always enabled Psychologist • Automatic • Automatic Physiotherapist always enabled enabled enabled machine Doctor • Always always always enabled • Automatic alignment STRIKER NEWS - Now teams can publish press releases include headline, picture, and body of the story. - These press releases will be voted by the other managers. - The most voted press notes form part of the weekly edition of the newspaper Striker Game News. - Will you be able to consult the Striker News in the news section. AUTOMATE - Automatic psychologist will now act every day, provided that the level of morale of the players down to 99. - Automatic physiotherapist will now act every day, provided that level so players down to 99. CAPTCHA - has been included captcha in the user registry that prevent the creation of user accounts can be automated. MENUS - were grouped options screen computer in drop down menus. - We have grouped the options screen user drop down menus. - The main menu now has one more option in each section. PLAYERS ENDED CONTRACT - Players who have not been renewed and end the season and only one year remaining on his contract will be without team and will be auctioned at a price of € 0. - If you have been hired at the end of the auction, shall be without equipment. * MATCHES - Premiums are now more effective. - Fixed bug moral change in the suspended (not suspended) matches. - From now the captain will be assessed using the EXPERIENCE and CHARISMA (50%), Captain improve team morale during the match. - From now players will have greater risk of injuring the lower energy. - Added some sound effects to viewing and after party. HELP EACH PAGE - Thanks to the invaluable assistance of our team of moderators and prosecutors put up a help system built into every page you expect much better understanding of the game to new players and clarify the rules to veterans. - On each page you will see a link "Help" in the upper right of the screen will briefly explain your options for that screen.