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--TEMPORADA 3-- General News: - Finance for days: You will see the costs and income daily. - If no injured once the doctor has completed its work, it will not charge your salary. - The cost of "session" doctor / psychologist / therapist has been reduced slightly. - New users can not access a computer from higher divisions. Be given a team 6a or the 7th. The holes in the top divisions seek new master among the best managers of lower divisions. - Using gold balls you can see the progression of your template and juveniles for 1 week. This progression shows how half our players have risen over the past 2 weeks. Stadium: - Redesign of the stadium screen. - Viewing the stadium into a 3D render. - Now you can view the statistics for the other stages. - You can see the progress of the works. - On match days the public is in the stadium. Countries: - There will be about 35 active countries. - Each country will have its characteristics in terms of physical appearance, quality and quantity of players that are generated in the country. T: - Redesign screen edition T-shirt. - Classical sheet is replaced by a team shirt. - The shirts are much larger than the plate, including the sponsor. - There are 81 different shirt designs. - Some designs are extra, are unlocked with gold balls. - Change the shirt will be free. - Some designs may have up to 3 colors. - The shirt designed is visible in several parts of the game. Match preview: - 5 minutes before the game even starts the simulation you can see a preview screen with information about the game. - Information is: stage in which teams the game, each team shirts and alignments made by each team plays. - As a result, during the 5 minutes before the start of the game and not be able to change the alignment, or tactics or formations. Football schools: - Schools football can be created in any of 35 countries available (we added many new nationalities this season). - A football school is a place where players can then incorporate youth squad formed. In general, the quality / player progression created in schools will be greater than that of free juveniles. - These players are accessible and fichables by the owner of the school and no one computer only. - Every so often leave school a player and manager may decide whether it will implement their youth squad or not. - If you do so, the player will become a normal youth, subject to the same rules as the rest of juveniles. If you choose not incorporate, the player will stay in school waiting, but will not improve your fitness while you are there. The manager can incorporate it in any time in your youth team. Schools, and the players created in them, are affected mainly by three parameters: 1. The population of the country in which it was created. Most populous countries create juveniles more often. But also be more expensive to create schools in such countries. 2. The quality football in the country. For example, a school in Germany will create better players than one school in Lithuania, as Germany has more football tradition. 3. The quality of the school. You can choose up to 5 levels of school quality. The higher the level, the more it costs to build and maintain, but the better the players you generate. Each time a player is generated, it will send a message with a comment about the quality and new player progression. Schools players generate random positions, the managers have no control over that. Multiofertas: - From now on you can exchange players. Up to 3 players per team may enter the operation. Thus, 1x1 exchanges can be made similar players. Or for example 2x1, offering two worst players, for the better. The exchange must be balanced (the system takes care to say that exchanges are valid and which are not). If an exchange is not valid, it can not be done. The managers will see a "score" for how balanced is barter. There will also be the option to add money to complete the operation, and end of squaring the parameters. -From The record of a team, there is the option to perform a multi-offer that team. So you offer players are chosen, and those who want to change and give money or ask to complete the operation. -All Players you buy, you must realizarles an offer, as if it were a normal range, offering salary and years of contract. If the offer is balanced, users should click the button "propose", and this makes the other manager receives the multi-offer. This other manager, receive news and should go to market -> transfer -> multi-offer and decide whether to accept the operation. If you disagree, you can propose a counter offer from the same screen. When both managers agree and supply is balanced, accepted, and barter is done. Viewings: From now on, only the manager to play at home will have the option to enable viewing. Box office: Reduced a little box office receipts, just in case stands for and vip. Generally, you will have to reduce the price of admission of these types of locations if you want to get the same number of people who until now.