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Every team can hire a number of employees to access to certain options of the game and get important services within the team. The quality of employees is expressed with balls and demands a salary in line with their quality. It should be clear that you can pay the salary of the employees before transferring, otherwise, fire them means paying a substantial compensation cost. They have a weekly salary.

1) Physiotherapist

You can use the physio to get players’ fitness back. Depending on the quality of the employee, the recovery will be more or less effective. This recovery can be performed once every day and has an added economic cost.

2) Psychologist

The psychologist improves the players’ morale and keeps it high. Engaging a good one is also important to get good results. The recovery can only be done once a day and has an added economic cost.

3) Technical Director

The technical secretary takes charge of finding new players that may fit your desires and join them the team. For further information see the section on technical secretary.

4) Scout

Like the technical director. In order to find really talented players, a good scout is decisive. Further information on scout.

5) Coaches

There are two coaches in the team: the juniors’ coach and seniors‘ coach. This employee has the mission to train the players. A good coach will allow your talented players to grow better. Training is essential for players. Further information on Training.

6) Doctor

The doctor's mission is to shorten the recovery time of injuries. A high level doctor can give you better results if you have a player injured. He can reduce the recovery time by several weeks in order to use the players before it was planned. The recovery action can only be done once a week and has an added economic cost.

7) Financial Adviser

The Financial adviser is responsible for get the best television contracts and sponsor. He also negotiates with banks to get you to borrow more money.