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- SEASON 12 -
Changes in the malingerer:
1.-The speed of the defensas will meet limited if they are defending (this is that the ball her has the rival) and out of his position. That is to say, defenses placed near the way of the field, they will move slower (the exact percentage of the reduction is about 30 %, depending on the quality of the player and far that is of the area)

2.-has improved the intelligence of the forwards when they are alone opposite to the doorman. They will not spend it to a companion who is in out of game, if both alone ones are opposite to the doorman.

3.-the system of shots has been improved furthermore. This should influence also that them 1vs1 are more effective, and to that the unsuccessful shots are not so bad as they are now.

CONCLUSION: With this we will try to penalize sufficient the tactics that they use out of massive game, in order that it is not a tactics so winning as it is now

4.-there has changed the calculation of the valuation of the defensas, now they influence more the goals fitted by the equipment. Fewer fitted goals, more valuation. This way the valuation will approach more the royal average of the player.

5.-have got improved the auctions of head (and in general the game of head) in the malingerer. Now the players are going to look more for the game of head, instead of placing in the point where it will fall the ball.

6.-IMPORTANTLY FOR NEW USERS!: there have been re-done from 0 the predetermined formations that the game takes. Ours @s, that cost his weight in gold, have updated, and added, many different new formations, with his advanced corresponding formation, in order that the new users could use advanced formations of simple form. The idea is that you are formations are functional, but not so good as an expert user could realize them. Simply they want to use as point of initial entry to that it does not know very much the game still. These changes there be that testearlos with the massive process of parties, since some of them are failures that are given in 1 of every 50.000 parties and we could not have checked that are already corrected. Corrected Bugs:

7.-Already it will not be whistled out of game if the ball comes from a rival.

8.-there has been corrected the mistake that was provoking own goals when the doorman was extracting of desk.

9.-Already will not whistle at penalties out of the area.

10.-there has been corrected the calculation of the assistances of the players, now they should appear correctly in the card of the player.

11.-IMPORTANTLY: there has changed the formula of recalculation of the number of partners at the end of season depending on the new price. Already it is not worth putting the price of the credit of season to 10.000 €, with this price I warn that you will remain to 0 socios/0 income. The best value depends much on the division in which you play, on the number of partners and on the number of fans. As reference, to minor price more number of new partners you will obtain, and raising the price it lowers the number of partners. Since always in the average term the virtue is. Other changes:

12.-From this new season, the parties that are suspended due to the fact that the rival does not present sufficient players, will give the same money that if they had been played. This measure only is applied in parties of league and glass, but not of private league.

13.-there has changed the field "age", in the search of the market. Now a range of age is selected, not an age makes concrete.

14.-We have eliminated some fields in the search of the secretary, since players searched in a concrete group, or for maximum card, since nobody was using them.

15.-the visibility of the button has improved " to improve stadium ", that allows to accelerate the works of the stadium.