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In the team information screen you will find interesting information about any team:

* The team's coach/manager
* The team's stadium
* The division and the group of the team
* The team's current classification
* The team's current game streak
* The team's region from it belongs to
* The number of fans with season tickets
* The number of fans of the team
* The ranking of the team in IBM
* If the team is in a private league it will be displayed in the team information screen with a direct link to the league standings.

You can also see more details of the team like:

* Transfers: All transfers that the team has done in Striker
* Roster: The team's players that are in the senior team
* Juniors: The team's players that are in the junior team
* Schedule: Displays the team's upcoming schedule
* Achievements: All the team's history of achievements
* Schools: All the junior schools that the team has

The other options available in the "Negotiate" tad are:

* Friendly: Send a request to play a friendly match
* Trade: Trade players and cash with the team (currently DISABLED)
* Send Message: Send a message to the team's coach/manager
* Report Cheating: A button to report the team's coach/manager if he cheated
* Become Fan: This option exists for Pack Manager users only and it allows you to become a fan of that team