What is Striker Manager?

Striker Manager is an online football game in which you serve as MANAGER of a virtual team. To play you will need a computer or mobile with internet access. In the game, you will experience firsthand many tasks of a football manager, with joys and woes all its own.

In the game you get full powers to make decisions and manage your team: signing players, selecting line-ups, administering your staff, managing the youth team and training future star players, setting up friendly matches; the list goes on and on.

If you work hard and prove that you are a talented manager, you might expect some offers from other teams to manage their clubs (and at this moment you CAN switch teams).

You play games against other users and you can bet they will try to win working just as hard as you do.

To be clear: when you are randomly placed in a league, you will be in the same exact position as 19 users from around the globe, who joined Striker Manager at about the same time that you did.

Nobody will get a head start, and as a result the competition will be very heated. One of the biggest challenges in this game is maintaining your team finances; this is affected by player and staff salaries, the selling and purchasing of players from the market, ticket revenues, billboards, etc.

There are a lot of helpful tools at your disposal. You can set up the training sessions to ensure that your players are improving well; you will have access to a wide range of statistics regarding your league and other competitions.
Indeed you can always find some useful advices and extra information about the game in the "Help" section or in forums.

Just like in real football, in Striker Manager, a team is not confined to the semi-regular games but you can set up friendly games with a vast range of opponents, some of whom you might expect to be below your level, others might be on par with you.
As mentioned above your club is placed in a standard 20-person league but you can choose to join another "Private" league. Then your team will play matches on the weekends (there are never regular league matches scheduled on Saturday or Sunday).
You may choose to join a private league with strangers or with friends you have invited to the game!
You can even set up your own private league.
Some private leagues may have a registration fee which will be pooled and then divided among the top finishers of the league at the end of the season! Quite simply, StrikerManager is a place like no other for you to share and enjoy football.

Warning: if you are two weeks in the red, your team goes into liquidation and you will be fired! But that is very unlikely so long as you are diligent and wise as a manager. If you have lost your team and want to get back in the game (perhaps you were on a VERY extended vacation) do not worry because you will get offers from other (managerless) teams.