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- SEASON 11 -

- New Simulator :
The most important change of the season is the simulator. It's a big change that affects all parts of the game , but we think it's definitely a change for the better.

1 - . Again viewing .
All matches will be played in this new game mode .

2 - . Changes in players

2.1 - The new simulator not using global media players , as happened so far. Instead, it uses directly the characteristics of each player ( Passing, shooting, dribbling , etc ...) . For this, they have gone some current characteristics of the players as ' Charisma ' , and there have been new ones as ' Robo ' or 'Leadership' , and others still exist, but have a different meaning than it had so far in the game, as aggressiveness, or speed.

2.2 - All the features of the players will be recalculated from 0 . This calculation will be based on the current global average player . That means that if you have a defense now aggressively 99, but average 60, surely lower the aggressiveness to the normal level of aggressiveness that has a defense medium 60 . But if you have the same defense resistor 10 , then you go up to a value more in line with its global average , around 60 too.

This are the attributes of an LI 49/17 , for example :

2.3 - . Players experience , becomes more important with the new simulator. As already announced many times , this value will be reset to a new value, according to the player's age . Players rise of experience playing games , and when you reach a certain level of experience may level up. For each level you go up a player , you can acquire a skill (also known as ' powerup ' ) new , of the 12 that are available. In turn, each powerup has 5 levels , ie , we can choose a powerup 5 times , thus increasing its effect. For example, the powerup ' 's Media ' ...

It is important to know that one can not get on powerup level 2 until it has at least 2 other powerups to level 1 . And so with all levels up to 5 .

The experience of the players goes more or less depending on how well it plays in a game . A longer played , they rise faster experience .

Here you have all the skills :

. 3 - Changes in training

3.1 - . Workouts are also affected by the change of simulator. Now the coaches directly affect the parameters of each player, which in turn are used by the simulator. If anything, we need our MC holder is more defensive than usual, we can train your Steal ball , and that will make up your Robo parameter , which will retrieve more balls than normal MCs.

3.2 - . 've Completely changed the green bars of the coaches . There are workouts that have disappeared , and there are others that have appeared new . Each train up some specific parameters to each position . What parameters are , and how much climbing is something you'll have to discover for yourself.

With proper train, with the new will be possible to bring the players to the same socks they have now. We have done many simulations , and we have seen players with 90 overall average 21.22 years . Not only that , you can get take a parameter to 99, including 2 of them 99, 20 years . ( The global average is no longer relevant, what matters are the parameters).

Because the change is not as dramatic (in terms of end result ) NOT retouched current averages. There will be no reduction or any other measure averages . Simply go to reconvert the players as it is now , to give them the new parameters.

One more thing , it is much easier to get the features whose value is low. So , take much longer bear the " Stops " of attribute 50 PO 70 from 30 to 50 .

3.3.- Training in the " Senior " template happens to have the same rules as in the "Youth " , that is, can not train the same thing more than 2 times per week ( NdT : 7 calendar days)

. 4 - Tactics :

The other aspect of the game that has been massively affected by the new simulator is the tactical section. He has given the game a lot
further in this regard, although users do not want to complicate life , need not worry, because it will be possible to follow
using the current method of defining tactics. As this field has been extended to people who really want to use it .

4.1 - . Appear several new screens. Mainly , we discuss now the training screen to define exactly where we want to place our players, the tactics screen , and the display of advanced tactics , ( which juguéis to iBasket will be familiar with the term ) . With the change of season you spend some tutorial videos for later , as you may know the most basic things are done.

. 5 - Other miscellaneous changes :

- Finder posts: You can filter your messages by subject and person who sent it / received .
- Quick Remodeling stadium: We can halve the time it will be in our stadium renovation works . The minimum period that may be the stage works is one week . If we hire a single tier works will take 1 week without power also reduced.
To activate this option button will have " EXPEDITE " inside the stadium screen / manage. The cost in gold balls is still to be determined.
- Last train made ​​: On screen workouts we will the last training that players have made and the date . So what have trained know if we remembered .