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The Striker leagues are organized into DIVISIONS. The highest[most prestigious] division is the 1st division, next is the 2nd division, then the 3rd, and so on. Within each division there are one or more GROUPS, each of which is the 20-team league we are all familiar with. There is only one group, or league, in the 1st division, then four groups in the 2nd division, and so on... [The idea is, the most prestigious divisions are the most exclusive]. All the groups within a division are considered equals, and are numbered only for the purposes of keeping track. Hopefully the following list helps to illustrate the concept of divisions and groups/leagues within Striker:

1st div: 1 group
2nd div: 4 groups
3rd div: 16 groups
4th div: 64 groups
5th div: 256 groups
6th div: 1024 groups
7th div: 4096 groups

Every group consists of 20 teams and holds a 38 round season (Each team plays 2 matches with each of the other 19 teams- one at your stadium and the other at the opponent's stadium). When the league comes to end, the top 2 teams from each group will be promoted to the next division. Likewise, some teams who finish at the bottom of the table will be demoted to the lower division (if it exists).

The promoted teams are the highest-placing teams at the end of the round/season. The demoted teams are the ones in the lowest places of the board].

In Striker's first season, all the teams have begun in the 6th division, leaving the higher divisions empty. As illustrated above, in the coming seasons the other divisions will come into use.