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Any team can organize a PRIVATE LEAGUE. That is a Private league in parallel to the main league where are league competitions between 4 and 14 teams. The number of teams that can participate will depend on how many matches can be scheduled until the end of the season. The private league matches are played on Saturdays and Sundays, when there are no regular league matches (that's why you can be in both leagues).

Once a manager has organized a private league, the registration of other teams can be open either to everyone or by invitation only.

The private leagues may have a registration fee, which may range from 0 to 10M € of your virtual cash money (not real money). This payment is taken from all members upon their entry into the league and will be divided amongst the top finishers as prize money at the end of the season. The organizer of the league can decide how the pooled money is to be divided (in advance). If the organizer desires, all the money can be awarded to the 1st place finisher, or it could be divided between 1st and 2nd (in a 60%-40% split), etc. as follows:

* A single winner -> 100% of the pot.
* 2 winners -> 60% for first, 40% for the second
* 3 winners -> 60% for first, 24% for the second, 16%
* 4 winners -> 60%, 24%, 9.6%, 6.4%
* Etc...
This would make as maxim prize for a single winner of a 10 team league with a 10M registration a prize of € 100M.

If there is suspicious behavior going on between two or more teams in the league, the administrators may decide to dissolve the league and return everyone's entry fees.

The board system for a private league is exactly the same as the one in the regular league.