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At the player's profile it is possible to check all the information relating to that player and perform various actions, such as re-signing his contract, firing him, putting him up for auction, and changing his nickname.

On the profile page there are the following areas you can explore: History, Awards, Games, Player and Contract.

In the Player tab (top-right), you can access to the pages dealing with the player's number, Nickname, and Training.
In the Contract tab (top-right), you can access to the pages dealing with financial courses of action you can take with the player: Auction, Re-Sign, and Fire.

If the player is part of your youth team, the Contract tab will also have the button "Promote", which allows you to promote this player to your senior team.

If the player belongs to another club, the options in the Contract tab will be "Shortlist", "Bid", and "See Auction".