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- SEASON 5 --- The number of seniors transferred with other equipment you can have in your computer becomes 3. These players take place in your template. - The number of seniors you can give to other teams renumbered 3. These players do NOT take place in your template, so you can have 25 players and 3 transferred. At the end of the season, be returned to their home teams, and teams that have more than 25 players can not sign until you have less. (As happened with the pre-contracts) - The same applies to transfers of juveniles. You can assign 3 and 3, and do not occupy space assigned to your computer. - From now on, a team may clausular players up to 3 categories below. That is, a 2nd team can sign players to May 1 st, and one third to one sixth. - The above rule only applies in clausulazos. There are no restrictions on the transfer of divisions agreed and auctions. - The viewing is disabled for now, until they fix the problems it creates, or reach a new simulator. - The youth of the schools will have a button "rule", so we can dispense with that player directly without having to pass it to the youth team. - Faces in the tabs of the players. (As of - button "Buy It Now" in the auctions. When a player put up for auction can optionally put a second starting price, and any user can pay the price at any time during the 72-hours of the auction, and keep the player immediately. The price of "Buy It Now" should be between 10% of the clause, and the clause altogether. - You can extend the limit of players in your senior team of 25-28. Paying an amount of gold balls to be determined. - "Sell now" in clausulazos. No need to wait 24 hours if the seller does not want. With this button, the user who received the clausulazo can receive the money, and lose the player, at any time during these 24 hours. - It has touched a bit the output frequency of some schools. Now the minimum time between two juveniles output is 4 days. (This affects only schools in populous countries such as China, Russia, etc..) - Improvements in the forum. Pagination on top, emoticons, improved search, subforums (market) - Searches of scout and secretary. New button "delete" which eliminates players found that are not to our liking as they arise. - The button buy extra space in the seniors (that comes out when we will hire a player, having already 25) costs 250 gold balls, and has 3-month, ie a season. The price is per space. Ie 250 balls per each extra place.