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The BOARD is the place where you monitor the standings and progress of your group/league. In addition to viewing your own league's board, you may also browse through the boards of other leagues as well. Not only can you access to their boards but their group forum and market.

The standings/board are calculated in the following way:

- A team is awarded 3 points for every win
- A team is awarded 1 point for every draw [so both teams who participated in the draw would get 1 point each]

The total points a team has won in the season/round are tallied and are the main way the teams have in order to be ranked from 1st to 20th place. If two teams have the same number of points, the following steps are taken (in this order) to break the tie:

1. Goal difference (i.e. the difference between goals scored and goals conceded. A higher number is preferred)
2. If the teams have the same goal difference, the winner will be the team that has scored more goals in the season.
3. If the teams still have the same statistics, the system will automatically record a draw.