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Player's abilities are measured numerically with values ranging from 0 to 99. A player with an average of 99 is the best player that can exist, while another with an average of 0 cannot even tie his own boots. It is rare to find players with an average of less than 30.

Players are entities with their own personality within the game. They are able to feel good (such as when they are getting a lot of playing time) or bad (when they are consistently on the bench). Always monitor the attitude of your players!

The personality of the players is defined by various characteristics: briefly, Mental, Physical, Defensive Ability and Attacking Ability.


- Age: Players are incorporated into active competition after 15 years. They usually retire from football before reaching age 36. When a player decides to retire, he will not sign any new contracts with any team. Each season (13 weeks) is considered 1 year in terms of a player's aging.

- Height: Players are typically between 1.5 m and 1.95 m, although there are always exceptions.

- Weight: Weight is related to the height of the player and may shift over the life of the player depending on his fitness but does not directly affect the game.

- Physical Appearance: It's just there for aesthetics; it cannot be modified and has no impact on a player's performance.

Traits (quantified)

- Aggression

- Charisma

- Speed

- Strength

- Technique

- Fullback

- Winger

- Pass

- Finishing

- Goalkeeping

- Morale

- Fitness

- Stamina


- Experience: The player gains experience points with every appearance in competition.

Other information

- Country

- Number

- Favorite Position

- Injury Status

- Favored Foot: Right (83%), Left (15%) or Both (2%)