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The contract of the players with their respective teams is defined by three parameters:

- Signing-on fee: Salary of the player for weeks. This can be varied when making the offer to purchase or offering the player a re-sign.

- Release Clause: Maximum price can be paid for a player in direct purchase.

If another team makes an offer for a player for same value of the release clause, the team owner will have no option to reply and the player will be recruited directly. The release clause is always a proportional value to the salary and is set at the time of signing the contract.
The proportionality depends on the quality, position and age of player.

- Contract length: it indicates how many seasons the contract lasts. Once the contract is finalized the player runs out of team.

The contract states the seasons to sign a player and can be modified by a re-sign, but in this case, never down. There are several ways to get recruiting a player:

- Team of origin: When you create a team, the players already on the team are already contracted.

- Token payment agreed: When two teams agree to the token of a player for a price below his clause. This price cannot be less than 10% of the clause.

- Hostile Clause: When a team pay an amount equal to the clause of the player. In this case the team owner has no right to reply. The transfer becomes effective after 24 hours of the offer. There are many restrictions for these tenders, during the beginning of the new season there is "Hostile clause protection".

New users with less of 8000 experience points cannot pay hostile clause and cannot get a hostile clause for a player.

- Auction: A manager can put his players up for sale at auction, see market for further information.

- Direct purchase: Optionally when in auction you can specify a purchase price directly, the teams, which offer the specified amount, will sign up with the player immediately.

- Promotion: A youth team player can promote from junior to the senior team.

- Re-sign: A player has accepted an offer to improve their contract within the same team.

- Loans: A player can be assigned to other teams for the rest of the season. See loans signings for further information.

- Multioffering: This is a system to offer in exchange up to three players between two teams. See multioffers for further information. Any team can re-sign their players. It is really interesting regarding juniors in order to avoid a pre-contract from another team. Juniors re-signed appear in with an (R) on his contract and cannot be signed. The senior players are re-signed at the same time. You can dismiss a player but you will have to pay an amount equal to two weeks salary in compensation. Any purchase transaction has a tax. It is about 5% of sale value which is subtracted from the amount charged by the team vendor.