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The purpose of training is to improve the characteristics of the players .

Not all players improve in the same way. There is a hidden parameter called "progression" which indicates the rate at which a given player improves. You can get an idea of a player's progression by seeing his 'training forecast' graphic (at his player profile).

Training drills can be held every day (one specific drill per day) and two different trainings occur- one for seniors and one for juniors. All players on each roster do the same training.

Every day you can select a type of training, and you can add to queue as many trainings for the future as you want.

The automatic training option will program a balanced training for all your players; it will be different every day but can be changed manually if desired. Trainings programmed by the manager have priority over the automatic ones.

The junior players cannot do the same type of training more than twice per week (i.e. you cannot have them running for 7 days).