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Junior players are very valuable to any football club. Quite simply, they are the future. They might not seem particularly skilled, but remember they are young; they learn quickly and have a successful future career ahead of them. Take good care of them and you will be rewarded. Note: there is a limit of 25 juniors on your roster.

On the "JUNIOR" screen you will see a list of junior players you have signed. Clicking on any of them, you arrive to their Player Profile screen, just like with any senior player. Under the "contract" tab there is the "promote" tab. This option switches them from the junior team roster to the senior team roster, and the player becomes just like any other senior player in the game. There is no additional cost to promote a player; you have to pay only the player's salary. This action is a gesture of confidence from the manager; the player will be grateful and his loyalty to the club will increase significantly.

The junior coach will notify the manager when:

1) A junior is not performing well. This junior may be sold or fired; they are not likely to progress much more under your management.

2) A junior is ready to be promoted. This status will be shown in the form of a "P" icon along with the rest of the player's information on the junior roster screen. Even when that icon appears, promotion is not mandatory; the manager could still choose to keep the player on as a junior a little longer or sell him. If the player reaches 19 years of age and is still not promoted, however, the "P" icon will turn red. This indicates that with each passing day on which the eligible player does not get promoted his quality, morale, etc. will suffer.

Additionally, if you choose to promote a junior who has not been marked as promotable (the "P" icon), this fact could be very detrimental to the player; it is likely to lower his abilities but this will not show up directly on the tab. Promoting a player does not take into account only his skills and abilities; rather, he must also develop the confidence to play at the senior level.