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NOTE: This option is no longer available.

Multi-offering let you exchange many players between two teams:

Where can you find this multi-offer option?

- Go to the team profile (click on team's name)
- Open the "Negotiate" tab
- Click on multi-offer

This is a process of negotiation that will not be formalized until the two teams are agreed to go ahead with the operation.

All multi-offers must change at least one player from each team and the offer must be balanced (take a look at the "difference in value", it must appear in green).

You can offer or request an amount of money to balance the offer.

It should be offered a contract to all players who will join the team by clicking on the icon of the negotiator.

Once given the offer, the other team can make changes as necessary and send counteroffer. If the original team agrees they will proceed with the exchange.