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--TEMPORADA 10-- - New button "Mail me" in the market. Using this button, you can make your technical secretary notify you when a player of the features that interest you are on auction. (25 gold balls for 3 days) - Public Schools Now users can decide whether to make their public school or not. In a public school all users can log in and view the youth with their own eyes (which means no more deception regarding the progression of juvenile schools). - Shopping similar users in the average price of the players will be informed, will be available from the record player and during purchase. This will be achieved by displaying a list of recent purchases have been made of similar players. Is not binding, because there are factors that depend on each sale, such as foresight or progression of a particular player. - Irregular Transfers If a transfer is beyond the average market price will be notified that the transfer could be considered fraudulent and that should do it will be investigated by the @. - New sanctions New types of punishment (penalty points in the standings and remove equipment). - Button "bomb" have enabled bomb button to report suspected transfers in the transfer of a team. This button has to be used to report transfers from other users that we consider suspicious. Please remember that send bulk wrong or wrongly reports any sanction may lead to the person reporting. - Reports of traps We ask that you be more specific in your reports traps, if you want our work to be more agile. Os We've made easier now, and report a cheater, will have to choose the type of traps you made, and the type chosen, you will have to input the information. - 8000 experience points with less than 8000 users experience can not make or receive direct purchases or clausulazos or multi-offers. Nor can see the progression of his players. - New sanctions criterion New criterion of sanctions public to all users. Screen "punishments", visible in the list of all users to access the sanctions that user. - Title editable forum thread. - Conditions of purchase is improved visibility of the purchasing conditions, have been on a previous screen to purchase. They must agree to purchase. - Conditions of registration has been enhanced visibility conditions of registration, on the same screen of the record. - Delete user Activating deleted user popup warning in each loging with the countdown, and notice by email to activate it. - Statistics New display statistics about signings, players and champions history of the game. - History league winners, evolution graph in the league, statistics of public stadiums in the same league. - Statistics transfer from your computer - Matomy new payment system, new payment system for virtual currency (such service SponsorPay and SuperRewards) - Acquisition Manager Pack The Pack manager you can buy with gold balls. - Changes loging texts. - Upgrades division Drawings for promotion, this time it will be random, and hopefully with this level the different groups.