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What are Golden Balls?

The Golden Balls these are the monetary units used within Striker Manager to buy enhancements for the game:
• More space in the portfolio (up to 300 players)
• View more data on the portfolio screen, similar to the player profile
• Shirt designs unlocked
• Possibility of renaming your players
• Rename the stadium
• Viewing of game simulation
• Notepad
• Declare yourself a fan of a team, creating a direct link to that team in your user profile
• You will be able to publish Press releases, these are going to publish in the Striker New's weekly newspaper
• See the latest improvement of the average per training on line-up screen of a team.

How can I get golden balls?

In the game, you will find a section called Golden Balls. There are different Golden ball Packs at very affordable prices. Choose the best rate for you click on the button buy that appears just below. The system will send you to the website of the online payment service that works with us.

Golden Balls Price
500 5 €
1.000 10 €
2.000 20 €
4.000 29.9 €
10.000 59.9 €

Payment systems currently available are PAYPAL and PaySafeCard.