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To join Striker Manager, you must register.
The registration process is quick and easy. There are only three things that are required from you:
1) Nickname: This is the name you'll use to access the game and which you will be known to other users of the game. You must use a name that doesn't exist in the game.
2) Email: Striker Manager online uses your email account to send sporadic communications. You will be asked to verify your account through an email sent at the time of registration.
3) Password: A code that you'll use to access the game. If you forget it, you can change it via your email account. Please keep your password only to yourself. After you login for the first time, you will receive offers from three different teams. Carefully study all offers, pay attention to the Division they are in. Striker Manager online ensures you that they won't use your details for any other purposes that aren't related to the game.