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- SEASON 6-1 - Employees . Courses may be done to improve their average by% . Maximum of 5 courses . The first two, the user can choose whether done using play money or gold balls . The last 3 can only be done with gold balls . Each course with play money rises 1 %. With gold balls up 2% . Prices € as both balls are still arguing. . 2 - Injury / Psychologist / Physio : It has become more evident the difference between cheap and expensive employees. Recover more expensive than the cheap ones. Overall , it has made the doctor recovers somewhat less , it will be rare to see recoveries +4 weeks. 3 - Tax on buying players . Afford it will pass to the purchaser and will be progressive , higher% the higher the price you pay . Ranges from 5 % minimum (less than 10M purchase) 200M 15% higher than shopping. . 4 - Fences Sports City 4.1 : The stadiums now offer the possibility of putting hurdles in the stands to make more profit. The number of available fencing depends on the number of steps . Billboards have levels , as they are well positioned in the field. Billboards are paid more first level , the third level less. Bids received for the fences every so often. Each fence lasts a random period of weeks. There will be a way to put automatic using balloons or for members of the pack manager . Can be considered as a temporary fences sponsors who are hired from the stadium. The benefits depend on the division in which you are, how good the equipment , financial , and obviously the number of fences available in the stadium. Tenders last between 2 and 10 weeks. So you have to be careful with fences that are hired , if you maximize revenue by this facet . Stadium 4.2 Accessories : There are 5 different types of accessories for the stadium, expandable 5 levels each : 4.2.1 Turf: Reduces damage by 2% each level. 4.2.2 Access: Increase gate receipts 1% each level. 4.2.3 Lighting : Increase profits by fences on a % to be determined at each level. 4.2.4 Dressing : Benefit to be determined. Scoreboard 4.2.5 : Increase profits by fences on a % to be determined at each level. 4.3 Minimum requirements: Each division has minimum requirements for all accessories must comply stadium . If you are in a division with lower fittings required , a fine ( consisting of a % of the box office every home game , depending on how accessories are outdated ) applies . There will be time to the end of the first lap to take the required accessories without conceding fine level . Among the financial manager and the screen may be much accessories needed to reach the required threshold , and what would be the penalty applied . 7a and 6a Equipment : None . Equipment 5a: Level 1 all accessories . Equipment 4a: Level 2 all accessories . Equipment 3a: Level 3 all accessories . 2nd Team : Level 4 all accessories . Equipment 1a: Level 5 of all accessories. The cost of each level even being discussed. But orientativamente will be around : (Cost per fixture, and by level , ie multiply by 5) Level 1: 800,000 Level 2: Level 3 1.5M : 2.5M Level 4: Level 5 4.5M : 8.5M Total cost ( and accumulated ) division ( ie, what must be paid in full to avoid being banned ) 5th division: 4M 4th Division : 11M 3rd division: 24M 2nd division: 45M 1st division: 90M Remember that there will be time to finish the first round to do all this . And also with the extra income shall count the fences . Each level expansion takes 5 days and can be extended 5 accessories at once. I remember that values ​​are TEMPORARY . There may be associated weekly maintenance for each level. We are still tallying the numbers. The idea is that the balance of income over expenditure to remain similar to now . . 5 - To repay a loan , you must pay a cancellation fee . ( 5 % of what remains to be paid ) . 6 - pack Manager users have an option to make the private information of how his players up with daily workouts . 7 - . Advertising to users of the package manager is deleted. There may be exceptions as are imposed from outside us and over which we have no control. . 8 - Automatic doctor always active, even when there are no injuries . It also serves to users pack manager . We remind you now that the holidays are approaching , you can automate almost any action hiring manager pack , alignments, workouts , employees, etc ... 9 - . Ranks number is expanded in finding secretary and scout (both clauses and ages) 10 - . Creating a subforum interviews. 11 - . Branch define the subscription price of the partners. Accessible from where entries are made . Now the partners no longer pay € 300, but we can choose how much we want to pay . Much more expensive, fewer partners . 12 - . Striker Mobile Version