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- Display of training: We can place exactly where we want our players in the field. Surely, many of you are thinking, "This I can already do it now", and you have reason, we have done has been to extend this screen to define where our players, depending on the position where the ball is. We may decide that our vascular team to the left if the ball is on the left side of the field. We tell our defensive means to delay its position as the opponent approaches the area with the ball, etc ... All this screen has a magic button that will take care of all these things automatically for you if you do not want complicating life.

- Display of tactics: Here you can define 4 parameters that affect how our team plays. We can choose between play on the wings, or the center, we can also choose from game play, or on the counter, if you want defense to man or zone, and the level of effort that we ask our players. A greater effort, better yield but also more tired after the match.

- Advanced tactics screen: This screen can be defined as changing the way you play as it suits us. There are many ways to customize the tactics, training can be changed if you lose 2 goals, and time is short, or you can switch to a more defensive tactic as you put in front on the scoreboard. You can do many interesting things and that will lead to an incredible level of customization for each team.

During the game changes will be made automatically according to your instructions.

You can also select the team captain and kick takers, penalties and cornered. It is important that your captain is a player with great charisma. Use a captain with little charisma negatively affects the morale of the team as if the captain has great charisma, be able to lift team morale.

When you have finished your selection click the "save changes".