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In the market you will see a list of players that are for sale. These players are on auction.

Any manager can choose to put his players up for auction. When pressing the "auction" button of the player, a form appears where you set the starting price of the player. The starting price cannot be less than 10% of the player clause, and not more than 100% of the clause.

The auction of a player takes a certain time (3 days). To make a bid for a player, you have to click on "auction" in the player profile. In the details of the offer must be set the price to be paid to team owner and the player's contract offer for the player. You also have the option to place a "maximum bid"; the maximum you're willing to pay for that player if another manager ups the bid. This will cause your bid to increase until it reaches the limit you imposed under the maximum bid option. Any new bid must be higher than the previous offers made by other players. After three days the player will arrive to his new destination.