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Striker Manager is very dedicated to authenticity, and all of the matches your team plays are full, 90-minute simulations hosted on this server. The league matches will be played three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). There will be also Striker Cup matches on Tuesdays (for the three first weeks) and then on Thursdays. You can also play friendly matcheson Tuesdays and Thursdays, as long as you don't have a Cup match scheduled on that particular day. If you have joined a private league, you will play those matches on Saturday and Sunday.

All matches will have a summary page in which you can see the line-ups, stats, minute-by-minute commentary and other breaking news about that match.

As well as you can follow the match through the text commentary, there is also a system to see the matches with actual graphics and players on a pitch [you can see pictures of this old version in the "screenshots" page]. However, this system is currently under maintenance, so it is unavailable right now. We hope to enable it as soon as it has been satisfactorily improved.