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--TEMPORADA 7-- 1. Taxes on multiofertas: the cash value of the two parts is calculated, and the two users pay taxes on the portion acquired. For example, if a user acquires multi-offer a player valued at 100M, pay the tax% representing such 100M. If another user in the same way acquires a player valued at 70M and 25M in cash plus, as it will pay taxes on 95M. 2. Show / hide forecast: To prevent some users deceive other players saying they are selling high anticipation, when in fact they are not, we enable the option to make public the forecast of a player. So when someone announces that sells a player forecast 80, the buyer may ask the seller who teach it, and avoid any kind of deception. Obviously, the seller will always anticipating their hidden players and only displayed for a few seconds so the purchaser can prove that is not being cheated. To make the provision of a public player, go to the record player, and the "player" drop-down menu, you will have the option to show or not the forecast. To see it, we must go to the tab of the player in question, and a button if you have visible forecast, appear up to show it to us. 3. The new equipment Amateurs happen to have 2,000 fans start, and double initial capacity stadium. Teams with less than this now (created teams recently, will also have to also these values). So expect your income is higher and thus can better integrate into the game. These values ​​can be modified in the future if we see that the measure is insufficient. 4. Payment Methods We have activated a new payment method to buy balls, which requires not give data through Internet. These cards paysafe card (the wallie come soon). These are cards purchased at kiosks / watertight, and wearing a code you can use to buy things online, in this case gold balls. They come in several types, disposable purchases for 5 euros in the store and strips, or rechargeable, but the idea is the same. To pay with these cards will go to the same place where now balls are purchased, only to give buy 2 options, paypal, and paysafe card appear. You will have to put in there the number of paysafecard and you receive the balls. As I said earlier, these cards are very popular and you can find them in most newsagents / tobacconists / or video game stores. 5. real Licenses have obtained licenses 10 first division teams. The teams are: - Espanyol - Ath Bilbao - Villarreal - Sporting Gijon - Deportivo de la Coruña - Getafe - Racing de Santander - Mallorca - Almeria - Zaragoza The licenses allow us to auction the players (and photographs) reais those teams. They will gradually pulling. We can not say the dates yet, but will soon start the season. Players will not be as good as the star players currently in the game. The idea is to go from half 65 to about 75, with perhaps a few exceptions, has a moderate and progression. The auctions will be with balls full, not play money. We remind you that you can get free gold balls through SponsorPay. Players come out with their actual age, but these new star players will have the peculiarity not lose half with age (with the moral and energy yeah, right). What we want to avoid is for example cases like Marcos Senna a good player but 34, which is designed as the game would drop much on average each day. So players will not lose half until withdrawn. Yes they will rise on average if they are young and are trained. Teams will be limited to having three star players maximum. Also we will provide users a custom skins of each of the computers that have licensed game. Ie menus and screens of the game will be personalized with the shield and team colors. We have more ideas for licensing, but we will be implementing over time. 6. Deposits In Idle deposits, has added a value indicating the total amount of deposits required.