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During the first half of the season is possible to loan players to other teams.
Loaning a player means that the team who makes the signing are given the player until the end of the season. At the end of the season, the player will return to their original team. When a player moves on loan to a team, that team will then fully pay the player's salary every week and be responsible for training the player. In return, the team will be allowed to field the player during any of their matches.
The contract of a player on loan cannot be changed. This means that for the duration of the loan, the player cannot sign for another team, they cannot have their contract re-signed, nor can they be put up for sale or be bought out through their contractual release clause.
Each season, a team may loan 3 players to other teams and in turn they may make 3 loan signings themselves.
It can be only loaned one player to a same team.
Players can only be loaned to teams that are in a lower division. It is not possible to loan players to teams in the higher division.