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Preparing the play-formation is the manager's most important task before a match. On right side of screen, there is a little football pitch which conveniently shows the pictorial formation. You can change the formation by clicking on the drop-down box directly above the pitch. There are several formations readies to suit your preference.
Once the formation is chosen, you can select the players that will play in each position. Be sure observing the abbreviations, which designate the given positions. To swap in players simply click on a player and then click on another player in the line-up to exchange them. In the bottom-right of the table, while you have a player selected you can see a comparison of both players’ characteristics.
The list of players is divided into three parts. The first eleven players are the starting line-up. The next section lists the substitutes, who are eligible to take the field in the second half. Finally, the rest of the players will be designated as "Reserves", will not travel with the team, and thusly may not participate in the game.
Players greatly appreciate when they are given time out on the pitch, especially when they get to be a starter. Their attitude towards the manager will improve and they will be less likely to want to switch to another club. On the other hand if a player consistently sits on the bench he will lose confidence in the coach and the club and will not hesitate to switch teams when you are presented with an offer (by another manager).
The line-up table shows the following data for each player:

* Number
* Name
* Favored position
* Mental rating
* Physical rating
* Defense rating
* Attack rating
* Morale
* Fitness
* Stamina
* Overall rating (this is greatly affected by the position in which he is placed)

You can look in more detail the meaning of each rating on the player's profile screen.

Try to match the player's position with his preferences and abilities. However, if you have no player who mainly plays in a position which appears in your formation (i.e. RM), do not worry- you can place others who play similar positions (i.e. RIM) without great consequences. It is crucial that your Starting 11 maximizes the averages and talents of your players.

When you are satisfied with your formation and line-up, click "save changes". After this you will be taken to the tactics screen.