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Every Manager of Striker Manager must follow these rules. The Striker’s Committee reserves the right to modify or expand these rules if necessary.
If a manager breaks these rules, he/she will be punished. There is an association of users, called "Striker Committee". A representative of this committee will assess the seriousness of the action and decide the penalty. All violations of all rules are punishable by fines, suspension (detainment), or expulsion. In case of disagreement with the penalty or disagreement with the actions of the committee, you can appeal directly to the administrator. The administrator will not consider a case that has not been evaluated previously by the Striker Committee as a whole.

1) It is forbidden for users to have more than one team. Anyone controlling more than one team have their teams removed and may be expelled from the game. If two or more managers share IP (typically managers connecting from the same network in universities, colleges, offices, internet cafes, etc.) they may not transfer or play private leagues with prizes, or engage in any action involving exchange of money or players between them or a common third party. Using third teams to transfer players between teams that share IP is considered cheating and cannot be done under any circumstances. Also exchanges as described in rules 9 and 11 will be more strictly scrutinized and are more likely to be considered cheats than the same transactions for teams that do not share IP.

2) It is forbidden to take advantage of some fault of the game. If a manager discovers an error or bug in the system, he or she is required to immediately inform an administrator, fiscal, or moderator through in-game messaging or via e-mail to

It is prohibited to use automated scripts (programs) to collect information and/or interact with the Website and its services.

3) All copyright laws apply to material within the game. It is forbidden to take over the material with copyright to which the user has access during the game.

4) Striker Manager is not liable in any time for the use of copyrighted material provided by a user to the game. Striker Manager has the right to delete such material if necessary.

5) Always keep peace and civility with the other players. Of course rivalries are allowed, (even buying players from your opponent via hostile/release clause to avoid facing them), but remember this is just a game.

6) Transfers with a price that is too high or too low compared to average market price may be adjusted to market price by a fiscal or administrator of the game using a financial fine.

7) Intentional deceit in trade or misrepresentation of player's progression, forecast or market value is against the rules. This includes, but is not limited to: image manipulation, renaming players, misrepresenting player abilities, or grossly misrepresenting a player’s value. Misleading other players can result in immediate expulsion from the game.

8) Any action that deliberately weakens your team can be punished. This includes, but is not limited to: selling your team to fewer than 11 players, buying or selling outside of market value, playing a weakened line-up or formation to manipulate standings. If another team benefits from these types of actions, that team may also be fined or punished.

9) You are not allowed to help others to excess. Doing so may result in immediate expulsion from the game for both the person providing excess aid and the person receiving it. This includes, but is not limited to: "RoundTrip" or Cash-Loan transfers (Buy player, sell back soon afterwards as a means to loan cash/players)

10) Threats, intimidation, extortion are not permitted in any circumstance. This includes in game ("I will tell @ unless...") and out of game threats ("I'll find you and..."). Violation of this rule can result in suspension or immediate expulsion from the game.

11) The only commodity in this game is players, and are the only thing that can be bought and sold. Using anything else as part of any transaction or advertising to sell accounts is illegal and punishable by fines, suspension, or expulsion. This includes (but is not limited to) things like: I'll give you tactics/formations/secrets/golden ball results if you pay extra for player X, or vice versa.

12)It is forbidden to create or participate in chats unconnected with the chats that Striker provides for managers. This action can result in immediate expulsion from the game because it represents a direct handling and uncontrolled use of the game resources that can affect performance and correct operation of the game.

The chat exclusively allowed are: General, Market, Challenge, and Striker Cup, League and Private League chats and normal chats between two managers.

Every Manager of Striker Manager must respect the following rules when using communication tools. Violation of these rules will result in expulsion from the game, forum or chat:

1) Striker Manager is not liable, in any circumstance, for user statements posted in the forum.

2) It is forbidden to open topics or post in the forum using inappropriate language. Renaming any game element (player, stadium, team, manager name, profile picture) to contain rude words or inappropriate images is prohibited in all cases. We would like to remind you that Striker Manager is a website open to all audiences.

3) Insulting other players in the forums, in chat, or in messages will be severely penalized.

4) No CAPITAL letters and SMS (texting) language allowed.

Every manager is expected to follow the rules of the forum and chat. Violation of these rules will result in expulsion from the game, forum or chat:

1) English is the official language of the UK server. All communication in General, Market, Challenge, and Striker Cup Chat, and in all public forums will be in English.
- Exception: League and Private League Chats and forums can be in any language the poster chooses.

2) This is a public forum under administrator, fiscals and moderator's control and participation constitutes tacit acceptance of that authority, including the authority to accept, reject, delete, close, move applicants and their posts. Any attack on the administrators, fiscals and Moderators will not be tolerated.
- Cases of particular seriousness or repeat offences may result in suspension or expulsion.
- Issues about moderation or management should not be discussed in the forum or in chat rooms under and circumstances. Any comment about a moderator’s decisions on the forum or chat should be addressed to the moderator concerned by private message or email to the Administration (
- Note that the Fiscals and Moderators are individuals with their own obligations and with limited time, and are not necessarily employees of U-Play Online. Therefore, they are not obliged to answer or to take into account the comments received, nor give explanations on the measures they deem necessary to ensure the accomplishment of rules. However, they will try to do as far as possible or reasonable within the limits of the game.

3) All users must contribute to harmony in the forum and chat rooms by respecting others the way you would like to be respected.

- In case of conflicts between users; Administrators, Fiscals, and Moderators will allow users to resolve them amicably on their own terms, but reserve the right to intervene at any time, using whatever means they deem appropriate to end the conflict.
- Any insult to another user, fiscal, moderator or to the administration may result in immediate and irrevocable expulsion from the game.
- It is essential that all users express their ideas using full spelling. This is a forum, not a SMS or text message. It does not take too much effort or attention to use proper language or pass the message through a spelling checker.
The exclusive use of all-capital letters is not allowed, because it could seem you are SHOUTING and is a basic rule of coexistence in any forum / chat.
- Remember that in this game children are involved, so all sexual or violent content can be closed or deleted without any warning whatsoever.

4) The violation of the privacy of other users is not allowed nor the reproduction of private messages received from other users. If you find a violation of this rule, you must contact a manager or moderator, fiscal or contact an administrator through
- Everything that can be considered invasive to the privacy of an individual will be immediately punished by the closure or deletion of the thread. Depending on the severity of the violation the offender may be punished with expulsion.
- Common sense is particularly important in this endeavor. A good guide to behavior may be to act as if you would in any public forum such as television or radio. Act as if your real name was attached to everything you write.
- Do not put anyone playing or involved with Striker Manager in compromising situations you would not want to be put in yourself.
- The Administrators and Moderators of the forum will remove all messages and threads that, in their opinions, contribute to rumors that may be considered as libel, slander and/or defamatory against any person or entity.
- Although the administrators, fiscals and moderators of the Forum / Chat try to apply a special rigor in these matters, it is very difficult to review all messages. Striker Manager will reject any claim that has not been first reviewed by the Striker Committee.
Expressly prohibited:
- Advertising. Any advertising is not allowed in the Forum / Chat. Striker Manager reserves the right to remove any material we deems unacceptable.
- It is strictly forbidden to advocate piracy or any other breach of copyright, in any form. Thread with this activity will be closed or deleted.

5) Both in the forums and chat, political and religious discussion is allowed as far as it relates to sports or video games.

Rules for market chat:
- Capital Letters are allowed to:
1. Spell words that should be written in capital letters.
2. The positions of the players: GK, RB, LB, RDF, CDF, LDF, DFM, RM, RIM, IM, LIM, LM, OM, RW, RF, CF, LF, LW
3. It is not permitted to repeat or abuse symbols that appear in everyday usage, such as !@$%^*()
4. The use of icons or elements that religious or controversial connotations in an offensive manner.
5. Each ad can only take 2 lines maximum. (You can check the length of a message by testing it in your league chat)
• This is done to prevent your ads disappear from the screen too quickly due to the large number of managers and excessively long messages.

For example:
"For Sale: 52/16- DFM - 54/17--RM - 56/17--CF --RDF 66/19- - -
GK 82/20 ... Private bids are heard "

Remember that you cannot post a message in the market chat before your last message has disappeared from the channel screen.

Other types of permissible conversations in chat:
- There is a General Chat to discuss any issue related to the game or our privacy. Users are not allowed to place ads for buying-selling in this chat.
- As a general rule, conversations are not permitted in the Market Chat. This chat is for loans and market transfers only. Late at night, or when there are few managers present, this rule may be waived by moderators if it the topic is raised and doesn't bother anyone. Even if the rule is waived, if a user in the room believes that this is bothersome to have conversation in the market chat, or market talk in general chat, the offending managers may be asked to move to an appropriate channel or into private chat.

All users must set an example:
- Any manager, who observes a breach of any of the rules above, may reprimand the user.
- If after that reprimand, the failure continues or the response is not adequate, you must notify a moderator who is currently active.
The sanction for breach any of these rules is usually a chat ban for 24 hours. The severity of the sanction may be increased by recidivism, even up to withholding the team (retain).